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Having worked in musculoskeletal health for many years I am sympathetic towards those who are looking to improve physically but not know who to turn to.  There are a lot of different services out there, but I believe Marshall Chiropractic is at the very top of movement health and fitness.

Prior to the chiropractic degree I qualified as a yoga instructor and taught classes all through university.  However, following graduation I felt dejected.  I had taught various styles of yoga for several years and I had seen a myriad of chiropractors and other specialists, but nothing had relieved me of the issues I was having in my knee and neck.  Determined to figure out what was happening I put all the money I had into learning as many techniques as I could before I was lucky enough to meet one of the leading experts in the physical health world.  Being trained by him opened the door to really understanding the complexity of dynamic movement and how to truly help someone. 

Getting incredible results for years I started to study nutrition and develop my skills in rehabilitative movement.  In 2021 I realised the way I worked had become quite different from many of my colleagues and so I chose to set up Marshall Chiropractic with the goal of delivering the best in movement health.

Chiropractor; Yoga Instructor; Movement Specialist; Member of The Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition

  • There is no single technique or 'system' that has all the answers.  

  • Core stability is the foundation of movement. 

  • Visiting a practitioner should NOT mean the same treatment every time.

  • If your metabolic (nutritional) needs are not being met musculoskeletal issues are likely to develop.

  • ​If you are not moving well then your ability to move well when you need to will not be possible.​

I wish you the very best in your movement journey!