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Marshall Chiropractic

I have dedicated my life to understanding posture, movement, and biomechanics (for my own sake as well as others).  Having gained insight into these fields – thanks to some amazing mentors, many hours of study, and trying things on myself - I am extremely happy to share what I have learnt.  


On this page I share a little of my background and explain how the functional model of chiropractic changed my life.

About Ed Marshall

Since an early age I was fascinated by the philosophies and stories from the East.  At the age of 17 I started practicing yoga and subsequently became a qualified yoga instructor a few years later.

However, I had become aware of various aches, specifically back and neck pain; recurrent shoulder tightness; elbow sprains; and knee pain.  

I tried massage, acupuncture, and various other remedies, before I eventually found a Chiropractor who, in just one session, helped relieve my neck and back pain.  After a few more sessions and some inspiring conversations I realised I had found my calling.

I began chiropractic college and all the issues I thought were gone came back.  I literally visited dozens of chiropractors - all of which talked a big game - but I only achieved temporary relief.  (As you can imagine I questioned if this was the right path for me on more than one occasion.)

As soon as I qualified I threw all the money I had toward seminars trying to understand, not only what would help me, but what would help my clients.

Two frustrating years went past before I finally met two Chiropractors who understood the complexity of biomechanics at a level I had never experienced. Through their mentorship I learned the nature of functional movement and stability; and thanks to their treatments, the issues that had troubled me for years were finally getting resolved.

From this point on I got fantastic results from clients, and having tons of referrals.  I would have been happy working in the clinics I was in (keeping my admin to a minimum), however, the owners were unhappy with the amount of times I saw a client.  Although people were feeling great after only 4 sessions, and objectively showing significant improvement, they wanted me to keep treating them at least 12 times, if not 24 times, and twice per week!   

I set up on my own April 2021. 

Functional Chiropractic

Musculoskeletal pain is often caused by tissue damage.  When no physical trauma is responsible we can assume (in most cases) that posture and movement have caused aberrant stress patterns which are affecting the body.  This may be better understood as the body is unable to maintain integrity through movement or posture.

To understand why these aberrant stresses are taking place a detailed examination of orthopaedics, neurological testing plus in-depth functioning testing.  This means looking at how the body is moving as a whole and its individual parts.  This often means looking at someone's everyday movement patterns, such as walking, to fully understand where the problem is arising.

Arm balance 1.jpg

The Yoga Practitioner

I have dedicated much of my life to the principles found in the eight fold path of Yoga,  

Studying and applying the practices found in Ayurveda and Yoga I learnt a lot about posture, diet, mindfulness and meditation.  In recent years there has been a growing amount of research into these fields with science validating the health benefits of good posture (Asana), breath work (Pranayama), and correct diet for preventing and aiding in peoples health.

The more I study nutrition, rehabilitation, and scientific articles on general health the more I find considerable overlap between the science of health and the ancient wisdom of the East.

The Way I Work...



Functional Chiropractic aims to improve every aspect of movement 



Restore functional movement and strength to areas that need attention



Helping injury recovery and increased health in the musculoskeletal system



Mindfulness, breathing and emotional freedom help to release tension

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