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Bath Chiropractor
Helping individuals get out of pain and move freely

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Ed Marshall

Having been mentored by the leading expert in movement health I approach each individual's issue systematically.  Whether it is lower back pain, recurrent sacroiliac joint sprains, rotator cuff injury, or a tennis elbow, understanding the fundamental movements that are involved in that injury are essential.  My goal is not only to get you out of pain but teach you the principles that help govern movement and stability.

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Progressive Care

Never the same treatment.  Reassessment on every visit with constant progression of movement goals.


30 minute Sessions

Each treatment session lasts 30 minutes so that you are given whatever is needed during the session.


Written Report

A report will be sent to you after consultation that you can use to discuss with a Medical Doctor or Consultant.

Get out of pain...

Having pain is not normal and it is usually a sign of stress to the body from repeatedly moving incorrectly or from poor posture.  The purpose of chiropractic is to restore optimum joint mechanics and undo muscle imbalance.  Once we get you moving better, pain usually disappears.  Book online today to start working on your health goals.

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Core Stability

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Lansdown Clinic, Bath

The Lansdown Clinic
1 Lansdown Road

We have Parking (Located behind the clinic at Abbey Ales Brewery)

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After a thorough examination Ed had developed a superb programme which is addressing issues I have had for quite sometime . Interestingly other osteopaths and chiropractors I have previously visited tended to not address the whole body issue...I have also benefited from excellent advice on nutrition to help my condition .  I would thoroughly recommend Ed

Initial Consultation    £70

Follow up sessions    £48

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