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Helping individuals reach their full potential

Marshall Chiropractic is a musculoskeletal practice dedicated to delivering a standard of excellence in chiropractic and movement fitness for individuals across Bath.

If you are looking to get out of pain or you are an athlete who is looking to improve performance, book a consultation and we can discuss your health goals.

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4 Lower back pain.png

Lower Back Pain

7 Shoulder pain.png

Shoulder Pain

10 ankle pain.png

Foot & Ankle Pain

2 Neck pain.png

Neck Pain

5 Pelvic pain.png

Pelvic Pain

8 elbow pain.png

Elbow Pain

11 wrist pain.png

Hand & Wrist Pain

3 Thoracic pain.png

Thoracic Pain

6 Hip Pain.png

Hip Pain

9 knee pain.png

Knee Pain


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