Chiropractic is for everybody and everyone is unique.  Marshall Chiropractic aims at delivering the highest standard of chiropractic and movement fitness tailored to your individual needs. 

What to Expect


The consultation lasts an hour and is a chance to discuss symptoms and health goals.  Relevant medical history and past injuries will also be discussed. 


Following the case history a physical examination will be performed tailored to your needs.  This will involve a combination of neurological, orthopaedic, and functional assessments.  You will only be asked to remove your footwear and any items of jewellery.  It is best to wear something comfortable.


A diagnosis and treatment plan will be given on conclusion of the examination.  Any questions you may have will be answered and, if appropriate, a treatment will be included in this session.


The acute phase of care involves the initial course of treatments.  These last approximately 30 minutes per session and are prescribed weekly or fortnightly, depending on what the issue is, and what your health goals might be. 


Pain is a sign that your body is no longer coping with the demand placed upon it and these initial visits are all about trying to alleviate some of that discomfort.


Treatments will likely involve joint manipulation, soft tissue release and some introductory exercises.  It is normal to see improvements within just a few sessions.


The restorative phase starts when symptoms have somewhat subsided.  Assessment will focus on how well your body is performing different tasks. 


The aim is to ensure continued improvement while looking at those areas that may have contributed toward the complaint. Time between sessions will be longer, around 4 to 6 weeks. 


Movement patterns and home exercises will be prescribed to help strengthen those areas that need to be improved.  As the body progresses sessions will focus on how well the movement patterns have been integrated and further progression will be advised.  Each session aims to build upon the last.

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Once you are working a lot better you can consider maintenance visits.  The aim of these sessions will be to revisit any troublesome areas and help maintain good movement and function before symptoms begin.


Postural-induced stress and compensatory patterns wage war on the body and therefore it is good to get checked over every now and then.


If there is a structural issue such as a scoliosis or a leg length difference then it is a good idea to be checked over a good few times a year.  Similarly if your job requires a lot of physical exertion or postural stress then maintenance visits would help to manage that stress.  If however you are young and keep fit then perhaps once a year is all that would be needed.