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Lower Back Pain

The number 1 reason that people visit a chiropractor, lower back pain is a common and complex issue. 
The lumbar spine is a fantastic piece of architecture with the lumbar arch (lordosis) being strong enough to bear the weight of the torso while allowing for rotational and lateral movement.  Although this is a very adaptive piece of anatomy it is often where symptoms begin as the body can no longer manage the stresses placed upon it. 

The lumbar spine, the epicentre of all movement, is the first place that takes the brunt of postural stress and movement compensation.  When this happens the lumbar facets joints and discs become strained.  This can cause localised lower back pain or sciatica.


Mechanical stress is one aspect of lower back pain but there are metabolic and inflammatory causes to the symptoms.  When this is the case nutritional changes and supplements may be of value.

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Lower Back Related Conditions

  • Lumbar facet joint sprain.

  • Lumbar facet irritation and instability.

  • Disc prolapse / herniation with or without sciatica.

  • Lumbar stenosis.

  • Degeneration / Osteoarthritis.

Techniques Frequently Used

  • Myofascial release (the releasing actively or passively of the soft tissues contributing toward the problem).

  • Spinal Manipulative Therapy in the neck for improved joint function.

  • Functional assessment and correction of the core.  This assessment will make sense of why the symptoms have arisen and give an indicator on the best method of treatment going forwards.

  • Functional movement patterns and home exercises.

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